Maas application

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Maas application

Postby Mas » Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:26 pm

Name/character names/nick name/etc: Maas - crusader lvl 86

Brief background on RO experience (add which guild you left and why): join classic server for 3 month but no woe need experience for learn.

iRO Valkyrie history and characters/levels: priest 82 nontrans

Available pvp equips: not good just pvm and bg equip +4

Timezone: GMT+8

WoE availability: 50% available

Ventrilo[Classic]/Teamspeak[Renewal] (add if you have /don't have a mic): Active ventrilo user, fairly loud.

Level of english (and other languages): low on speaking

Why would you want to join Valkyrie: friendship

Feel free to leave additional comments: None

Thank you for reading.
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Re: Maas application

Postby KingOfJokerz » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:41 pm

Definitely couldn't hurt to get another Peco added into our ranks.

+ If you're active you could help us get some more parties going.

Relatively speaking we're a friendly guild, I like that you're looking to make friends.
We have people who speak multiple languages so I don't see the English skills as a flaw.

Might be able to help support you on your journey to getting geared.

It's a yes from me, come by East Pront Kafra and talk to us sometime. (Anytime you're on) :pls:
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