[Classic] Cesa

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[Classic] Cesa

Postby cesa » Sun Jul 26, 2015 3:04 pm

Name/character names/nick name/etc: Cesa / Ceso / Cesi (Minor derivations of Ceasar)

Brief background on RO experience (add which guild you left and why): Played a long time in bRO (Brazilian Ragnarok Online) and stopped due renewal. Came back a one weeks ago with BR ToS BUT they disppointed me :cry: . No organization, too much inexpirience in WoE 2.0, it made me sad. I've always played as supportive chars, so helping you u'll be a great honor for me. I do really like to play WoE's, ET's, MVP's as suporttive, don't get very conffortable killing people :roll: .

About me: I'm a funny guy.

iRO Valkyrie history and characters/levels: Well, started one weeks ago, made a Sage. Actually he's 94/50 and i was gathering some money to pay a leech to him. I'm thinking to create every supportive char to help in many ways. Like being a Joker Card you know? Or a black color to clothes (black goes with everything).

Available pvp equips: Initicial green beret (i love this item), cranial/hard valk shield, immune/noxious muffler, Silk Robe +3 dex, matyr shoes, zerom/smokie nimble, Speedy Recovery Hand, gym lvl 10 in sage.

Timezone: GMT -3

WoE availability: 99% avaible. Aways log in to gather supplies, prepare stuff, /bm. /ok

Ventrilo[Classic]/Teamspeak[Renewal] (add if you have /don't have a mic): Can use Ventrilo, have mic. (had always used ts3)

Level of english (and other languages): Portuguese (main), English (most main, difficulties to speak sometimes /swt , but no problem understanding it)

Why would you want to join Valkyrie: I wanna grow, be helpful, know new people, improve my english fluency and be respected in the guild, made friends (and maybe a house to past one week in USA/Canada /slur ).

Feel free to leave additional comments: So, creating and lvling up chars doesn't bother me, if is needed for the guild i'll do my best. /ok
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Re: [Classic] Cesa

Postby KingOfJokerz » Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:29 pm


You still seem amped up to play the game. We can always use more active and willing players, I don't see why not. Why not come by East Pront sometime, maybe someone can chit chat with you. Try talking to anyone except Hardcore Monkey.

Let's have some opinions from other ppl as well though.
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Re: [Classic] Cesa

Postby Lee » Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:17 am

Looks like he's got a char in Vh and another in TOS now, so I guess he's no longer applying here ? It's a shame this application received so little attention.
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